The client contacted us to help them build a personal brand and corresponding, two websites, and

Our aim was to design sites that perfectly reflected the client’s business elegance, style and expertise. We prioritised achieving a ‘premium brand’ effect and presenting the brand in a unique, subtle way.

  • INDUSTRY Personal branding, recruitment agency
  • OUR TASK Web Development, E-Commerce, UX & UI Design
  • CLIENT Szymon Lach, Sales Leaders

About the project

Szymon Lach is an entrepreneur, running two companies and an expert in sales. In his business of designing and teaching sales, Szymon emphasises the individual approach to the customer. His goal is to find the most effective way of selling that perfectly suits the customer’s needs. This approach is key to his success as a mentor and expert in the field.

As part of the website design, we tried to keep the colour scheme between the two sites consistent, creating a sense of interdependence.

Implementation process

One of our first challenges was to find a suitable name for the HR agency. Together with the client, we aimed to create a brand that was not directly related to their main brand,, but still contained key similarities. The realised naming is designed to communicate the client’s competence and extensive experience in the sales area. The name also incorporates the first letters of Szymon Lach’s first and last name, namely ‘S’ and ‘L’, which emphasises his personal contribution to the project.

We created a comprehensive design for the website, taking care to ensure that the colour scheme was consistent between the two sites, building an impression of interdependence. As part of this process, we decided to significantly reduce the number of services presented on the homepage, moving from nine main services to three, but specific ones.

Stage 1 – Research & documentation development

Through a thorough analysis of Simon Lach’s business, we carefully defined the objectives we intended to achieve through branding and implementation of the corresponding two, distinct websites. We then had numerous discussions with the client so as to best understand his needs and expectations from the project.

Stage 2 – UX & UI design

We created the website design, ensuring that the colour scheme was consistent between the two sites, which built a sense of interdependence. We significantly reduced the number of services presented on the main website – from nine to just three, focusing on a more specific message. We took the decision to produce a promotional video, strengthening the client’s online presence. We also helped the client to make the presentation of the podcast on the main site a little more attractive, integrating it with the blog articles.

Stage 3 – WordPress development

Throughout the implementation process, we continually provided the client with access to some of the coded elements to allow them to verify their performance and compliance with their expectations. We regularly reviewed this area, discussing and making ongoing adjustments.

Stage 4 – Pilot and ongoing maintenance & development

Our branding work is an ongoing process in which we are constantly evolving. We regularly liaise with Simon, providing him with more and more new developments and improvements to existing websites.