Škoda Auto Szkoła

We developed a new Škoda Auto School website, tailored to the brand’s unique visual standards. Our main objective was to make it easier to select and purchase training courses by including a voucher option and introducing features such as a training comparison engine and FAQ section.

Our aim was not only to make the site aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • INDRUSTY Automobile
  • OUR ROLE UX & UI Design
  • CLIENT Škoda Auto Szkoła, Hyperdata

About the project

Škoda Auto Szkoła is a training centre that stands out from other similar facilities in Poland and Europe. Raising driver awareness and skills is a priority. The training courses are designed so that each participant can improve their driving competence, making the roads safer. Škoda Auto School is a place where learning to drive is not only about acquiring a driving licence, but also about investing in your own safety and the safety of other road users.

We have therefore created a holistic eCommerce project that covers every stage, from conception and design to thorough implementation and testing. The result is an eCommerce platform that is not only highly functional, but also visually appealing. The portal supports a variety of sales models and complies with Skoda Polska’s corporate guidelines as well as SEO best practices. Currently, the site is a robust tool that enables our client to effectively engage customers, thereby increasing sales.

Implementation process

The main objective with this project was to create a solution that significantly facilitates the process of selecting the right training and purchasing it, including the option to use a voucher.

As part of our work, we introduced innovative features such as a comparison of available training courses, a vademecum and extensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) sections. Our work aimed not only to make the website aesthetically pleasing, but also to provide users with an intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-understand interface to make the process of selecting and registering for training even more user-friendly and comfortable.

Stage 1 – Research & documentation development

We meticulously developed the business process logic for sales in four different models: vouchers, meetings, gifts and training. Each model was carefully analysed and we developed a tailored approach to optimise the sales processes.

Stage 2 – UX & UI design

We created user experience (UX) mock-ups that were user-oriented, which not only enhanced visual appeal, but also followed basic search engine optimisation (SEO) recommendations.

Stage 3 – WordPress development

We successfully supported the implementation process of the eCommerce portal in collaboration with Hyperdata, focusing on a smooth transition from development to pilot phase. During the second phase, we meticulously tested the portal to identify and resolve any potential inconsistencies, ensuring a smooth user experience once fully implemented.

Stage 4 – Pilot and ongoing maintenance & development

The implementation of such a large portal does not end on the day it is launched under the domain. The first period of operation is a stage of change and live testing, which provides valuable feedback from users. We had the pleasure, for example, of adapting the icons to the new colour scheme, following Škoda’s external refresh.