Milbor PMC

The client, operating in the fruit and vegetable production industry, approached us with a challenge. He had an existing website, but based on a publicly available template.

Struggling with the difficulties of updating data and posting and maintaining it on the site, the lack of customisation options in terms of UX, or problems with streamlining plugins, the client needed a comprehensive site transformation.


  • INDUSTRY Industrial and agricultural
  • OUR TASK Web Development, Branding, UX & UI Design
  • CLIENT Milbor PMC

About the project

Milbor PMC has its roots in a family farm growing blueberries. Over the course of successive projects, the company has acquired and continues to acquire knowledge and experience. Milbor PMC specialises in implementing technically advanced solutions that effectively optimise the production process, reduce its costs and increase the quality of the final product. The company places particular emphasis on quality and innovation to achieve excellent results in the fruit and vegetable production industry.

Together with the client, who was looking to expand into the international market, we created a complete multilingual portal. We supplemented it with a blog section and many other elements that allow potential partners to explore Milbor PMC’s business. We presented it in a precise and accessible way, thus giving them the chance to better understand the company’s offer.

Implementation process

In realising the project, we prepared a portal adjusted to active content promotion. We created dedicated landing pages, thus optimising the sales process and increasing conversion at subsequent stages. We also realised a CI refresh and a comprehensive Key Visuals project.

In the final stage of the work, we took care of the ongoing development of the website, preparing it for the development of marketing activities, integrated with tools such as, Hubspot.

Stage 1 – Research & Documentation

Through a thorough analysis of Milbor PMC’s business, we carefully defined the objectives we wanted to achieve through the creation of branding and a corresponding website. We therefore had numerous discussions with the client so as to best understand their needs and expectations. Our aim was to create a portal that was friendly and easy to navigate.

Stage 2 – UX & UI design

We prepared a usable UX mock-up that streamlined the website navigation. We created a fresh, out-of-the-box design, unprecedented for competing industrial companies. The portal was designed to meet key SEO requirements. As a result, the client saw a threefold increase in the number of visitors after implementing the site.

Stage 3 – WordPress development

We created dedicated landing pages, which significantly streamlined the sales process and contributed to an increase in downstream conversions. In addition, we introduced innovative solutions such as interactive line diagrams. In an effort to continuously develop the site, we prepared it to effectively support marketing activities, integrated with tools such as Hubspot.

Phase 4 – Pilot and ongoing maintenance & development

Since 2021, we have had the pleasure of working with Milbor PMC. The work on the service is an ongoing process, with regular reports and analyses that allow us to better understand evolving customer needs and expectations. Through these activities, we design ever newer and more innovative solutions that attract user attention and deliver positive results.