Infinity Sport Kitesurfing

The client, who runs an online shop for kitesurfing equipment and a kitesurfing school, approached us with a challenge. He had an existing shop and website, but these were based on a generic, off-the-shelf WordPress template.

Struggling with the difficulties of updating data and placing and maintaining it on the site, the lack of customisation for UX or problems with streamlining plugins, the client needed a comprehensive site transformation.

  • INDUSTRY Sport & Lifestyle
  • OUR TASK Web Development, E-Commerce, UX & UI Design
  • CLIENT Infinity Sport Kitesurfing

About the project

The Infinity Sport kitesurfing school is not only a place to learn kitesurfing, but also a community. Its philosophy is based on family values and is run by experienced BKSA instructors, Paul and Sylvia, who have dedicated their lives to teaching kitesurfing at different levels. They have travelled all over the world for many years sharing their knowledge and passion, but have found their kitesurfing home on the south coast of the UK.

We took on the task and created brand new Infinity Sport Kitesurfing portals, whilst retaining the existing company logo. However, that’s not all. Both sites have been integrated under the same domain name. This innovative solution now allows users to choose for themselves whether they want to visit an online shop with a wide range of kitesurfing equipment or go on a fascinating kitesurfing training course. With this change, the customer has gained much more flexibility and convenience in managing their two online activities, and users are able to find what they are looking for much faster.

Implementation process

We started our work with a priority task: restoring the basic functionality of the existing shop. We focused on making the necessary adjustments to the template, realising that in the e-commerce industry, every hour of downtime negatively impacts performance. We then moved into full action, taking further steps to rebuild the portal.

We prepared a UX mockup and customised it, making it easier to navigate the shop. We integrated marketing strategies, enabling more effective product promotion. We also adapted the graphic system and user interface to the nature of the brand.

Stage 1 – Research & documentation development

We began our work on the project with the most important task, that of restoring the basic functionality of the existing online shop. Through thorough analysis, we carefully defined the objectives we wanted to achieve through the creation of the new portals. To this end, we held discussions with the client to best understand their needs and expectations.

Stage 2 – UX & UI design

We prepared a usable UX mockup that streamlined the navigation of the online shop. We combined it with thoughtful marketing strategies, enabling efficient and effective product promotion. In addition, we tailored a consistent graphical system and user interface (UI) to the nature of the brand, creating an attractive and functional website design.

Stage 3 – WordPress development

We integrated all the necessary solutions, improving the functionality of the online shop. We moved more than 5500 products, their variants and orders to keep the shop running. In addition, we implemented the CDN service, speeding up multimedia loading and improving site speed.

Stage 4 – Pilot and ongoing maintenance & development

The implementation of such a large portal does not end on the day it is launched under the domain. The first period of operation is a stage of change and live testing, providing valuable input from users. Working with Infinity Sport Kitesurfing, we continuously adapt the portal to the evolving expectations and needs of the client and users.