Creative and event services for the Polish branch of a global leader in intralogistics solutions.

In the period spanning from 2017 to 2021, our team undertook a diverse range of projects aimed at enhancing our client’s brand presence and engagement within the market.


  • INDUSTRY Intralogistics
  • OUR ROLE Key Visuals, Social Media materials
  • CLIENT Still Polska


Our commitment to excellence and creative prowess allowed us to deliver exceptional value to our client across these projects. The total value of our work during this four-year period underscores our dedication to helping the client achieve their marketing goals, strengthen their brand identity, and engage with their target audience effectively.

Our Solution

Development of Key Visuals for Trade Marketing Campaigns:
We created captivating and impactful Key Visuals tailored specifically for trade marketing campaigns. These visuals were designed to effectively convey the client’s message and brand identity.
Design and Implementation of Landing Pages:
We designed and executed landing pages dedicated to sales and B2B communication. These landing pages were strategically crafted to capture leads, engage potential customers, and facilitate effective business-to-business interactions.
Complete Marketing Support for Numerous Events:
Our team provided comprehensive marketing support for a multitude of events. This support encompassed everything from conceptualization and planning to execution, ensuring that each event achieved its intended objectives.
Production of Photo Sessions and Video Spots:
We orchestrated and executed professional photo sessions and video spots. These multimedia assets were instrumental in conveying the client’s brand story and message through compelling visuals and narratives.