Over the course of 2017 to 2021, we embarked on an exciting journey providing creative support to a pharmaceutical and cosmetic company across a diverse range of projects. Here’s a closer look at our accomplishments during this time:

Creative Support for Product Brands:

  1. Graphic Creation for 12 Product Lines:
    • We took on the task of developing captivating and distinctive graphic designs for a total of 12 product lines. Each line had its unique identity, and our creative designs aimed to convey their individual characteristics effectively.

Ecommerce Implementation:

  1. Design and Implementation of an Online Store (2018):
    • In 2018, we set out to design and implement an engaging online store. This digital platform was meticulously crafted to provide customers with a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

Key Visuals for Marketing:

  1. Development of Key Visuals:
    • Our creative team played a pivotal role in crafting Key Visuals (KV) that formed the visual cornerstone of the company’s marketing campaigns. These visuals were designed to captivate the audience, effectively conveying the essence of the brand and its products.

Production of Multimedia Content:

  1. Photo Shoots and Video Animations:
    • To enhance the brand’s storytelling and marketing efforts, we produced high-quality photo shoots and engaging video animations. These multimedia assets were instrumental in showcasing the products in an appealing and dynamic manner.

Throughout these years, we not only contributed to the aesthetic appeal of the product packaging but also played a crucial role in expanding the brand’s digital presence with the implementation of an online store. Our creative endeavors in developing Key Visuals and multimedia content further strengthened the brand’s marketing campaigns.

The total value of our completed projects during this period underscores our commitment to supporting the pharmaceutical and cosmetic company in achieving its branding and marketing objectives, thereby enhancing its market presence and customer engagement.