Visual identification: Good Logo, what is it?

Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are among the top five most valuable brands in the world. The original version of the Apple logo, introduced in 1976, depicts Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree and reading a book.

Founded in 1924, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) has used a total of six different lions in its film logos throughout its history.

It makes a really good impression… You can read more about it here! Now let’s get to the point.

The modern business world is moving forward at a breakneck pace, and the market is constantly bombarded with information and competing brands trying to gain our attention. In this daily wave of visual stimuli, it is worth considering the power of a good logo and what makes it so invaluable to the brand.

A logo is one of the most important tools for building your brand. This is a small but very important part of the entire branding process. It may be a small graphic sign, but it can influence the perception of a company, product or service.

What are the key features that a good logo should have?

Firstly, uniqueness, i.e. the basis of brand recognition. In a sea of logos and graphic signs, a unique logo becomes easier to remember and recognize. When your logo stands out from the competition, it will become easier for customers to identify.

Think about your favorite brands – what makes them stand out? Often it is a unique logo that is immediately associated with a given brand.

A unique graphic sign builds the brand’s identity. The logo is the visual symbol of the company, it is its face that represents the company on various media and platforms. Thanks to it, the brand can stand out with its values, philosophy and the product it represents.

Less is More

Simplicity is often key in logo design. The more legible and clear a sign is, the easier it is remembered by recipients. Sometimes less is more, and minimalism can be very effective. Apple knows this very well, and its logo in the form of a cross-sectioned apple has become one of the most recognizable in the world. A minimalist solution, but, admit it, extremely effective in conveying the brand idea.

That’s right… A good logo must also reflect the character and values of your company. It should be a symbol that immediately attracts attention and allows you to understand what you do. A properly designed logo will indicate the high quality of products or services, innovation and professionalism, which is worth boasting about.

Scalability is another important aspect. The logo should look good in both large and small sizes, without losing quality. This flexibility will allow you to use the design in a variety of advertising materials or websites.

And are these colors that everyone talks about really that important?

Without a doubt, yes. Colors are very important in creating a logo. The colors should be well selected and should also reflect the character of your brand. At the same time, do not forget that it is worth slightly limiting the number of colors used to make the sign legible and easy to remember. Let’s take McDonald’s as an example – two golden arches that are immediately associated with this company. Simplicity is not a bad thing!

An important aspect that is sometimes underestimated is consistency with the brand’s visual identification. The logo should be consistent with the entire image of the company – typography, colors, graphics and values. A consistent look and feel of all branding elements allows you to build a strong brand.

Don’t rush, shortcuts are always a bad solution

Spend enough time to design a good and solid logo. This shouldn’t be done quickly, on your knees. It is worth using the help of professionals who will design a logo in accordance with the needs and character of your brand.

Uniqueness, simplicity, reflecting the company’s character, scalability, appropriate colors, minimalism, consistency and care in the design – these are the features that you must remember when creating your logo.

Remember that the logo is or will be the showcase of your brand and should be designed with consideration and care.

This is a small cherry on the branding cake, but it is worth taking care of it to make it taste even better!

Mateusz Rozynek