Audit Brand Compliance

Brand compliance is the constant maintenance of a combination of brand coherence and consistency.
Brand consistency – is the maintenance of uniformity of all the elements and tools it uses in its broad communication.
A visual and communication system that makes it easy to remember, recognize and build its image at the cognitive level. It builds and maintains brand recognition.

Brand congruence

Brand congruence – is the uniformity of its values, goals, mission, vision, strategies and objectives.
Equally important at the level of internal and external communication. It is honesty with itself, but also honesty with stakeholders. It builds and maintains trust in the brand.

What is a Brand Compliance Audit and when is it worth conducting one?

When you see inconsistencies in your brand. When you don’t know how to articulate a value message in a way that is clear to your customers. When your corporate identity is not consistently carried out, has deficiencies.
When your company has a brand identity and marketing activities and yet you feel you should do more. Data shows you that its recognition is not growing as you expected.

What the Brand Compliance Audit process looks like

The audit takes the form of 5 two-hour meetings, during which, in the form of an in-depth interview:

  •  We will obtain information about your company. We will determine the problems seen by you of the current branding and marketing situation . We will identify two companies of your close competitors, their touchpoints and the messages they generate
  • We will determine your strategic and marketing goals
  • We will obtain all your materials, systematics,
  • We will meet with your sales and communications team
  • We will verify the acquired materials and your perception of them
  • We will discuss the Audit prepared by us
  • We will supplement it with questions indicated by you

What will be its effect and benefits

The final result of the audit will be a simple and practical study that will show you:

  • the current brand touchpoints of your brand and will analyze the groups of message recipients
  • identify currently communicated values
  • developed by us value messages including UVP, USP, RTB
  • a Branding Consistency&Compliance Score™ table with ratings and recommendations on three levels: message/goals/strategy, system design, compliance&consistency versus their actual performance
  • Simple and practical recommendations for action, change and brand potential

What benefits will the developed audit bring you?

Well implemented Brand Compliance activities, influence:
👉 effects and sustainability of marketing activities
👉 increased recognition and understanding of brand communications
👉 much better and simpler implementation of employer branding activities and employee readiness for employee advocacy activities
👉 increased effectiveness of SEO and performance marketing activities
👉 more effective sales with better margins
👉 increased goodwill!


Do you have questions? Want to learn more? Read the ebook “Your company’s most enduring value – the brand. Why Brand Compliance Increases Your Company’s Effectiveness – Through the Eyes of Experts”. We prepared it together with 10 experts of the areas that Brand Compliance affects. The data presented in it shows clearly – companies that care about Brand Compliance see significant benefits and sustainable growth.