Key Visual for Your Brand?

A brand book, or more precisely a logo book, should not only look good; it is, in simpler terms, an instruction manual for using the logo correctly. It is essential for creating a robust visual identity as it contains guidelines, rules, and helps define the core values and archetype of the brand message. Creating a good brand book helps avoid many potential shortcomings.

So, at what stage of brand creation should you start thinking about preparing a logo book?

Let’s say your company already has many customer communication channels and a physical product. Different people are responsible for each of these tasks, each with entirely different visions and ideas. These individuals also do not have a common source of information, and they do not consult with each other.

As a result, their actions are not cohesive, even if they differ only slightly in terms of color shade, font size, or message. This has a very negative impact on the company’s image.

Sound familiar?

A brand book is usually associated with color schemes, generally the brand’s style, and that’s true. However, it can become a slightly more complex issue when it makes it easier to define terms such as design, history, or even the brand’s way of functioning. Being able to cover elements of all these aspects in its content significantly facilitates both current and future work.



Mateusz Rozynek