Corporate Blog: Where to Draw Inspiration From?

A corporate blog is like a journal where a company publishes industry articles, guides, analyses, as well as expert opinions and interviews related to its field of activity. We could call it the business card of the brand, but it’s usually much more engaging in terms of content than the website itself. A blog is the perfect place to share knowledge, experiences, and interesting perspectives with users.

Benefits of Running a Corporate Blog

One of the most significant benefits of starting your own blog is significantly increased visibility on the web. With growing competition, it is crucial for a company to stand out among the crowd. A blog allows for the regular publication of valuable content that captures the attention of readers.

As a result, the brand is increasingly noticed, which contributes to greater visibility in search results and, consequently, attracts new customers.

Credibility, Hard to Come By Nowadays

Another significant advantage of publishing such content is the increased credibility in the market. Running a blog opens the door to creating expert texts that confirm the company’s reliability and expertise. Articles, guides, or analyses are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate authority.

A blog is also an ideal and authentic space for communicating with the community. Through comments, feedback, or interaction with readers, there is an opportunity to create a valuable bond that can make customers increasingly attached to the brand.

And now, something every company likes: lead generation

A blog is an excellent tool for collecting contact information from potential customers. In exchange for valuable content, the entrepreneur can ask readers to leave their email address or provide another contact method. There’s nothing wrong with that!

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a long-term effect in the form of continuously increasing traffic to the website. Blog articles should not be something one-time or fleeting. They are content that remains available and continuously attracts readers.

Where to Find Inspiration? Let’s Look at a Few Examples


The HubSpot blog was known for content related to marketing, sales, and areas related to business management. Articles were published on marketing strategies, process automation, data analysis, and tools for business management.


Moz specialized in topics related to internet marketing, SEO, and data analysis related to website traffic. The content focused on techniques to improve a website’s visibility in search results.


In its blog, Intercom wrote about ways to communicate with customers, addressing topics related to chatbots and interactive messengers.

There are many similar examples, proving that valuable content can be created on almost any topic. It’s worth considering!

Running a company blog is not just about writing for the sake of writing. It is a powerful marketing tool that brings many benefits. It is a way to increase visibility, build relationships with customers, position oneself as an expert, generate leads, and maintain a steady flow of traffic to the website.

And finally, a bit about numbers, as we usually believe in them the most 馃檪

Websites complemented by a company blog enjoy, on average, up to 170% more traffic than those that simply don’t have one.

It’s also worth noting that websites rich in a blog generate up to 67% more potential leads.

According to Gartner, only 17% of the time in the purchasing process is spent on meetings with potential suppliers. So, only 5-6% of customers’ time is available for one seller. Meanwhile, a significant 27% of customers’ time is spent on research and seeking information on the Internet.

Every day, as much as 95% of buyers choose to collaborate with companies that provide extensive content to help them during the purchasing process; they are simply more credible.

A blog is a virtual world of words that can change, inspire, and grow a company.

So, are you ready for a creative journey into the world of blogging?

Mateusz Rozynek